Ski Conditions

Alpine and Tree Line conditions

Whistler Blackcomb Backcountry

Ski Conditions

This is a quick summary of conditions encountered during the last 3 days.

About 30-50 cm of lightly wind effected snow has accumulated above the January 6 interface.

Yesterday North aspects in the Spearhead Glacier area above 2200m where prone to skier triggering on steeper features. The slides all seemed to run on the 180106 density change with slabs being 20-40cm thick.

Today I cut out a similar pocket on an E slope at 2100m. But the upper pack seemed to have strengthed substantially and this was the only thing I saw move.

Snow depth in the upper slightly more wind effected portion of the Spearhead Glacier below the Cham Chutes (where most of the crevasses are) is 240cm.

Two days ago in the Musical Bumps I noticed protected pockets where sliding on top of the Jan 6 crust where a soft (F density) 10cm layer was preserved. CTE down 30-40.

Ski quality above 1900m is excellent. Below that the Jan 6 crust is detectable underfoot.

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