Ski Conditions

Alpine and Tree line conditions

Whistler Blackcomb area

Ski Conditions

I've been out in the Whister backcountry for the last few days starting on the 28th.
Lots of snow fell and we had great skiing through the last storm cycle.
This new snow has started stabilizing and many of the bigger lines near (within 3hr) the area boundary got skiied. Some ridge top lee features look like they still respond to ski cuts in the upper 1/2 meter with limited propagation.

Creeks are maily covered above 1600m. Crevasses are filling in but some early season sharp sags are still visible.
There is wind effected snow high in the alpine but the slabs are generally easily skiied. Tree line skiing seemed the best for guaranteed quality.

Storm snow has settled to become an average 60 cm thick F-1f layer above the Dec 15 crust and it still today had some soft and irregular CTE fracturing. Below the crust are small facets that promotes a CTM planar fracture just under the crust.
Its pretty good right now :)
Happy New Year

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