Trail Conditions

ACMG Hiking Guide Exam - Kananaskis Area

Porcupine Creek, Kananaskis

Trail Conditions

The ACMG Hiking Guide Bridge Course completed a three day backpacking circuit in the Kananaskis Area.

Day 1, North Fork of Porcupine Creek to Boundary Ridge
Day 2, Porcupine Ridge to South Fork of Porcupine Creek
Day 3, Wasootch Ridge

We travelled up to 2150m and did not encounter snow on any of our routes. However, a significant and above average snowpack remains in the alpine. Especially above 1800m on North aspects.

The Porcupine River flow increased notably in the few days we were out, but still remains at relatively low ‘pre-run-out’ levels.

The ticks are out.

Kirsten Knechtel MG
Alison Cardinal SG, HG

Florina Beglinger SG, ARG
Leslie Manley ASG, TRCI, VFG
Heather Allem ASG
Ian Snowsell SG
Aleta Corbett SG
Carey Austerman ASG

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