Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

One of the groups from the ACMG apprentice ski guide exam spent the last two cold days skiing in Rogers Pass. With the temperatures ranging from -19 to -25.

Terrain: The first day was spent ascending to Perley Rock and descending the Illecillewaet
Glacier. The second day was spent skiing the morianes in Avalanche basin and out Avalanche Crest.

Avalanche Activity:
sz 1.5 Na 48hr+ wind slab below overlook col
sz 1.5 Na Wind slab lookout north ridge
2 size 2-2.5 S/SE ridge of Avalanche Peak, several days old

Snowpack: The persistent arctic outflow is promoting near surface faceting resulting in sloughing in steep terrain. Wind pressed snow in the alpine from northerly winds overlies previously buried soft slabs
from 0205 S'ly winds. The Jan 24th SH/SC interface is down 70-90 cm the Jan 10th SH is down 140 both have been unreactive in recent snowpack tests.

Avalanche Hazard Rating Trend:
The stable weather pattern has decreased the avalanche hazard, but still cautious of lingering windslabs and loose dry sloughs.

Mike Adolph
Candidates: Zoe Hendrickson, Kyle Lamothe, Dylan Chen

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