Ski Conditions

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5 Days at Stanley Mitchell

Little Yoho, Rockies 4-8 April

Ski Conditions

We spent 4 nights at the comfortable and historic Stanley Mitchell Hut in the Poco Yoho, skiing in and out via Takakkaw Falls.

The last day of high pressure was on our ski in, then a warm front arrived with weak overnight freezes, overcast skies and precipitation.

After a warm up day to Kiwetinok Pass and some Mt. Kerr sub-summits, we managed to reach the President-Vice President Col in the white as well as just below the final north ridge of McArthur. Skiing was very good. Glacier coverage was excellent, cornices were big and their debris widespread.

Avalanche activity
We observed signs of recent (<7 days), large avalanches initiated from alpine start zones on every aspect. These were primarily cornice triggered, however the 2400m south moraine of McArthur went naturally to size 3 with solar affect sometime before our trip.

At 2900 metres there was 20cm of new snow accompanied by moderate-strong south winds forming windslabs on the 7th.

For our ski out, there was 5cm of new snow at Tak Falls. A weak overnight freeze combined with nearly-liquid precipitation made for a not entirely pleasant slog through Vaseline snow. That road really felt like uphill both ways.


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