Ski Conditions

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Variable Snowpack

South St Mary’s Alpine Provincial Park

Ski Conditions

Last Storm (Dec 20-22) left MFCr below 1700m and HST 70-90cm between elevation 1900-2500m. At TL and ALP, snowpack was variable between 80-250cm. We also observed several Na Sz 1-2s on SE-SW specific steep terrain around Mt. Mason basin. Ski penetration was 10-20cm low density snow and sun crust was observed on steep southerly aspect. Today, we skied notherley aspect nearby Mt Patrick Recreation Area. We observed 2 Na Sz 2 slab avalanches at TL and ALP. I dug a test profile at 2370m on NE aspect and produced CTM (SP) result down 90cm on Fist + density 10-20cm thickness of 2-3mm FC mixed with 4-6mm DH on the ground. Skiing on 25-30 degrees simple terrain was excellent with 30cm low density. There are still many uncertainties on this early snowpack condition in the south Purcell Mountains.

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