Regional Summary Columbia's and Rockies


Unsettled weather is forecasted for the weekend with chance of afternoon thunderstorms and the bulk of the rain on Saturday night Sunday. Freezing levels will remain above mountain top.


Snow coverage has remained descent this year up until now, some glaciers are getting tricky to cross with bergschrunds and moats becoming hard to get across. Alpine rock routes received a dusting of snow last weekend, but it seems to have mostly melted off. Rivers have come back up and are running grey with melt water. Some peaks have been holding great Neve making climbing nice for this time of year, such as North Victoria.


1. Rock fall continues to dominate discussions and is only getting worse as we get more rocks exposed late in the season from melting.
2. This season has been tame for thunderstorms so far, but with the ridge of high pressure breaking down over the weekend it will likely bring some action.
3. There have been reports of bolt hanger thieves in the Bow Valley! Throw an extra hanger and nut in your chalk bag just in case!

James Madden

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