MCR Summary Rockies and Columbia Mountains, July 11

Well this weekend is looking a lot like last weekend…… unsettled and wet on Saturday and nice on Sunday! A cold front will move into northern BC and the Rockies on Friday night into Saturday morning bringing thunderstorms and precipitation. The southern areas should remain dry and could see above seasonal temperatures.

Mt Edith Cavell is reported to be quite snowy on the top third of the route. The Colin range is snow free and in excellent shape, along with Mount Peveril which only has a few snow patches up high. The Silverhorn on Athabasca is mostly ice now, and the glaciers in the area are beginning to show sags over the larger crevasses.

South Victoria is reported to be in great shape with lots of snow on the ridge still, while Mt Temple East Ridge still sounds a bit too snowy. In the Bow Valley alpine rock routes are in good shape.

A picture this week of the Howser Towers in the Bugaboos still looked quite snowy and will need a bit more time. I would imagine most of the classic rock routes in rogers pass area are coming into shape now as well.

Reports throughout the region these days are calling the mosquitos and bugs ferocious to the point they may fly away with your tent. Make sure you check trail conditions and bear closures/restrictions before you head out this weekend as there are many that came into effect this week!

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