Important Survey for Readers of the ACMG Mountain Conditions Report (MCR)

The ACMG is requesting your assistance with determining the future of the MCR! Please go to to take the survey. The survey will be open until August 31st, at which time we will take all constructive comments into consideration. Thanks!

One important note: Based on financial and other factors, in October 2019, the MCR app for iOS will be discontinued. Although this may create some initial inconvenience, with your help we are sure the new platform will be just as good or better.

Background: For over a decade, the MCR has been an important source of free real time mountain conditions information provided to the public by professional ACMG guides. In 2015, our longest running partner, Arc’teryx, provided substantial resources to develop and maintain a web and mobile iOS platform. Fast forward to 2019, and the ACMG is moving to direct the future and manage the website on its own, with Arc’teryx staying on as a major sponsor of the platform.

We are taking this opportunity to survey the MCR readership to get a sense of what has worked, what hasn’t and how we can make the report better serve you, the people who use it as part of your outdoor information-gathering protocol. Please take a few minutes to help us out by completing the survey.

Thank you!

ACMG MCR Committee

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These observations and opinions are those of the person who submitted them. The ACMG and its members take no responsibility for errors, omissions, or lapses in continuity. Conditions differ greatly over time and space due to the variable nature of mountain weather and terrain. Application of this information provides no guarantee of increased safety. Do not use the Mountain Conditions Report as the sole factor in planning trips or making decisions in the field.