Conditions Summary, Rockies and Columbia Mountains

Feels like summer is finally in the air!


This season is already shaping up to be a fickle weather season, with lots of discrepancy's in forecasts, and almost daily thunderstorms arriving at all hours, morning, mid day and evening. Most forecasts are calling for summer temps into the 30 deg valley bottom arriving over the weekend and freezing lines shooting up to the top of even the tallest of peaks.


Excellent conditions were reported this week on some classic snow and alpine ice lines with a good overnight freeze. With the warming temps this may change quickly.
Alpine rock climbing has been slow to come into shape this season, with only sunny aspect routes at lower altitude being reported to be in good shape, and most others not in condition yet.
Sunday could possibly be the first big melt on the higher peaks and I will be steering clear of these for a little while longer. Glaciers are still in good shape with above average snow depths.


Warming temps and possible lack of overnight freeze has avalanche and cornice failures on the top of the list on the bigger mountains. Rock fall from melting snow patches and other parties is a close second. The mountains are seeing more people than ever, so plan accordingly and play nice.

Wild flowers are out and vibrant right now, along with bears, and all other wild animals.

James Madden

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