Conditions Summary

General Conditions.

The last week has brought us significant precipitation throughout the Rockies and Columbia mountains, in the form of rain and snow. The Bugaboos has seen 50mm of rain this week. Snow line is hanging around 2300m with trace to 10cm of new snow.

With all this rain, rock fall, moraines, and large rocks are unstable. Of note some mud slides were observed in the Bugaboo area.

Glaciers have much better coverage right now than the last few years. Travel ranges from excellent to post holing.

Rivers are at max flow in most areas, making crossings hard and dangerous.


Looks like we may finally be leaving winter behind this weekend with some warmer, dryer weather moving into the region. With this we may be tempted to get after our bigger objectives but remember we are just starting now with spring conditions and many objectives may not be in good shape yet. With all the moisture around this year I would be anticipating the continued afternoon severe thunder storms!

James Madden, MG

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