ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains. Sept 30, 2022

The Rocky and Columbia mountains are extremely dry for this time of year. There are some residual snow patches on glaciers, but for the most part, they are bare ice which will make your ankles scream. Only a trace of the snow from a week ago is left on North aspects. Exposed rock is sitting on many of the steep ice faces from a long summer of heat. Recent MCR posts from the Bugaboo/Snowpatch col and flights across the Rockies show that it is as dry as it gets.

I believe the most significant hazard to manage risk around is rockfall right now. The cooler nights will shorten the amount of time this will be an issue, but there is so much rock on ice faces that it will be a significant source of uncertainty, and the risk of getting hit is higher than usual.

This coming week looks like another amazing one with no precipitation and generally sunny skies with valley high temperatures in the 20s. Temperatures should remain cool overnight and the days are getting significantly shorter. It is almost pitch black around 7:45 pm. Alpine rock faces and ridges will be good to go and it will be a great weekend to get out there in the fantastic fall colours.

Have a good weekend

Stephen Holeczi
ACMG Mountain Guide

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