ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains August 16th, 2019

It seems like rainfall amounts and freezing levels varied fairly widely across the ranges today. More variable moisture is in the forecast tomorrow so it is difficult to make an accurate summary at this point.

Generally, alpine conditions are still good for this time of year. Glacier snowcover is the best we have seen in a few years but of course the travel conditions will depend entirely on where the snow is in the melt freeze cycle. Bare ice patches are continuing to grow so I would certainly bring crampons on any glacier escapades outside of flat ground. Some routes are remaining in excellent shape due to the wet/cool spring summer but the downside is that some alpine ridges and faces are still in less than ideal shape.

Enough rain fell in some places to have generated a fair bit of rockfall and if we get another pulse of rain or when the alpine fresh snow starts to melt that rockfall will continue. Some routes will be slow to dry with the cool temps and grey skies.

LOTS of good options across the spectrum from hiking to Grand Alpinism but do some homework and keep your options open as not "everything" is in excellent shape in the alpine.

Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

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