ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Coast Mountains. June 28th 2018

As I write this the coastal alpine peaks are enshrouded in cloud and it’s below freezing on the summits. The weather the past week has been unsettled, with fresh snow in the alpine making for tricky conditions. Photos an experienced friend showed me from a failed attempt on Mt Tantalus on Tuesday looked like January, with lots of rime ice. He also noted that the crevasses were starting to open up since the previous week, but the bergshrunds were still in good condition.

In the North Shore Mountains there is still a lot of compact above 1200m, although very little below this.

Further north near the Burnie Glacier there is also a lot of snow above 1600m even on sunny aspects, the glacial coverage looks good, and the creeks are low with cool temps.

The forecast looks unsettled for the next week, but there still appears to be some good windows in between systems. You will need to pick your objectives carefully and be prepared to deal with less than ideal conditions. Enjoy the mountains, it will surely dry up fast as soon as the sun comes out!

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