ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Coast Mountains issued September 14th 2017

Great alpine climbing conditions continue on the coast!

The rain last week only deposited a few centimetres of snow in the high alpine, which has now dried up in most areas in the southern part of the range. Certainly sunny alpine rock objectives will already be dry again, but there may be some dampness lingering in higher elevation shady places. In the northern part of the Coast Mountains you can probably expect up to 10cm of recent snow at the highest elevations.

Reports from all over the range continue to indicate the snowpack is still above average for this time of year, with better crevasse bridges than normal, and less glacial ice exposed. Eg. Last week the Serratus Glacier (Tantalus Range) was still mostly snow covered below 1600m elevation.

Looking into the future, we will likely see some precipitation starting on Sunday, which will likely deposit some snow in the alpine.

Enjoy the last week of summer!

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