ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Coast Mountains issued June 7th 2018

Conditions are currently suitable for both alpine climbing and skiing in the Coast Mountains, although you have to do your research and pick your objectives carefully to find out where the snow still remains. You can still expect to run into significant snow patches as low as 1300m (depending on aspect, tree cover and sun exposure), then continuous snow before you reach the alpine.

As can be expected this time of year the glaciers are in good shape after an above average snowfall during the winter, but you wouldn’t want to be in heavily crevassed areas as the snow becomes isothermal during the day. Big slab avalanches and cornices are also still a significant concern.

Up high in glaciated areas good corn skiing has been reported with a freeze, as the sun cups are still small. Dry alpine rock climbing is also possible in some areas where the snow has already melted such as Mt Habrich.

In the northern parts of the Coast Mountains around the 55th parallel, there has been recent new snow and it is still wintery above 2000m. In contrast to the southern parts of the range; north of Stewart they have a low snowpack for this time of year.

The weather forecast doesn’t look great this weekend and then unsettled next week, but with careful planning there will surely still be some good windows to get something done.

Enjoy the rest of spring!

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