ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Coast Mountain. July 26 2018

MCR Summary Coast Range, July 26

Hot and Sunny!! And looks like it will continue for the foreseeable future.

Generally speaking alpine route are in excellent shape, rock is dry and the glaciers are still filled in to allow for great, straightforward travel...for now.

Glaciers: There still remains a good amount of snow on glaciers from the past winter, which is covering most crevasses, however in the past week there has been a noticeable amount of crevasses starting to sag and open up, likely to continue to change rapidly. Reports about bergschrund/moat crossing from common objects still sound generally possible and straightforward.

Rock fall: In the past week an increased amount of rock fall has been observed largely from snow melt. However, in addition to this common hazard several large rock falls from seemingly stable terrain have been observed in the Tantalus range.

Snow: Despite the recent warm temperate the high mountains have still been receiving a decent overnight freeze allowing for good snow travel in the morning. Even in the afternoon heat snow conditions have remain good with diligent care with loose steps. For large objectives and early start would be advisable.

With the crushing heat in the valley its not a bad time to run to the hills. Most common alpine routes in the area are in great shape and likely to remain that way for the next couple weeks until we lose more snow. Start early, and consider what is above you.

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