ACMG Mountain Conditions Report Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains issued May 19th 2016

Hello everyone

The well needed current and forecasted rain seems to be widespread throughout both the Rockies and Columbia Mountains over the weekend. Although people were still enjoying good alpine climbing and skiing conditions on some of the higher peaks of the Icefields last week, these conditions will have changed dramatically.

This weather pattern has come with relatively high freezing levels of over 2500 m which will result in challenging travel anywhere there is still snow at or below this elevation. Hardy souls may decide to brave whiteout conditions in the Columbia Icefields but they should be aware of the effect lack of freezing temperatures on crevasse bridges and avalanche terrain.

Precipitation amounts vary throughout the region and those willing to take a chance may be able to find a few hours to climb on either Saturday or Sunday depending on where they go. At the moment the Jasper area looks to be the driest on Saturday while everywhere looks to be pretty rainy on Sunday.

It might be a good weekend for a low elevation hike or some cracking between rain showers!

Have fun,

Marc Piché
ACMG Mountain Guide

These observations and opinions are those of the person who submitted them. The ACMG and its members take no responsibility for errors, omissions, or lapses in continuity. Conditions differ greatly over time and space due to the variable nature of mountain weather and terrain. Application of this information provides no guarantee of increased safety. Do not use the Mountain Conditions Report as the sole factor in planning trips or making decisions in the field.