ACMG Mountain Conditions Report for the Rockies and Columbias Mountains Issued June 10th, 2021

Summer is slowly staggering into town but there was fresh white dust above Lake Louise again today and the treeline and alpine is still deep in transitional mode along the divides.

Avalanches are still happening in full sun on hot days and possibly in an intense rain and there is always the possibility of new Windslabs up high. Weather looks really variable across the ranges for the next little while so though you could get a fine day of snow conditions I wouldn't be overly certain about perfect conditions for launching out on a multi-day snow travel adventure this weekend.

It is the usual spring hazards smorgasbord currently. Climber generated rockfall even on familiar crags, rockfall out of edges of snow slopes with melt and some melt freeze prying on blocks too. Avalanches and potential poor travel as mentioned above. Creaking and groaning cornices and crevasse bridges.

And the low elevations hazards are even crazier than usual!! Hungry bears, nervous calving ungulates, ticks, rivers running deep and open restaurants and bars in Alberta!! Evaluating all those hazards on a Saturday night in Banff would be quite an exercise!!

Larry Stanier
ACMG Mountain Guide

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