ACMG Mountain Conditions Report for the Columbia and Rockies Mountains July 5

Well summer is finally back in Canada, along with the mosquitos and no-seeums. This weeks cool temps and precipitation has brought snow across most of the Kootenays and Rocky Mountains above 2500m. I would expect on sunny aspects that it is disappearing fast. The weekend is looking hot with possible unsettled weather on Friday night into Saturday and isolated thunderstorms. With things warming up and melting out I would be anticipating rockfall, surface snow avalanches and whats left of cornices to be week.

I would expect the alpine rock climbing routes in the Bow Valley and front ranges to be mostly snow free with lingering wet patches. Most glaciers are offering fast and easy travel if there is an overnight freeze. Rock ridges in the alpine with a sunny exposure should come back into shape quickly.

Earlier this week new snow was reported at the Kain Hut in the Bugaboos. I would expect most rock climbing objectives in that area to still have snow and are not in shape with the exceptions of the shorter routes just above Aplebee Campground.

Going into the weekend I would be keeping a flexible plan with an eye on the weather forecast, high water levels in creeks and rivers, and don’t forget to check trail closures and keep your bear spray handy!

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